D.O.G. Training’s mission is to teach the tools of training easily and simply in a comfortable setting when it is convenient for the family. We also pledge to continue your routines when sitting for your pets to give them the most comfort.

Why D.O.G. Training is for you!

  • We will work on the issues that are important to you and not the fluff you don’t care about.
  • Working in your home is not only convenient but allows your dog to work where the issues happen and where they spend most of their time.
  • Flexible training days and hours allow you to fit us into your busy schedule. No more wasting money on classes you can’t make.
  • With a trainer focusing on only your family and dog, we can personalize the manner of training and make it easy for everyone.
  • Fewer distractions mean we can work on the behaviors for your dog and build them up before introducing life interruptions.
  • Our trainer not only has 5 years experience as a professional trainer but is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-KA and keeps up with the most current trends in the dog world, giving you the best knowledge to pass to your pet.
  • With sitting in your home your pets not only get to keep their same routines but you get the piece of mind that your pet will get the attention and love you would give if you could be there.
  • Have the piece of mind that your home will also be cared for; with watering plants, bringing in mail and much more.
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In-Home Training and Pet Sitting